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We understand that great ideas, projects, and teams can change the world.

We also recognize that without the necessary resources, many dreams remain unrealized. That’s why we’re here to offer you an extraordinary opportunity to unlock your potential and elevate your journey.

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Available Grants
Application Process
Funding Guidelines
For innovative IOTA & Shimmer projects

Available Grants

Enter the fast track to funding opportunities with your innovative Shimmer or IOTA project.

Open Source Dev

Focusing on essential building blocks that benefit our ecosystem we aim to support the creation and improvement of utilities, tooling, libraries, wallets, frameworks, blueprints, and public goods.


A strong research-related focus to support activities such as writing of research papers, scholarships, and other necessary resources to explore theoretical solutions that can ultimately contribute to the creation of open-source code.


Education fuels Web3 ecosystems, so we support the enhancement of diverse learning through visual, studio, and written content, alongside innovative programs and applications.


Connecting and elevating the community experience through funding of events, meet-ups, running and participating in hackathons and hosting workshops.

Application Process

Applying for a Grant made simple. Here is what to expect.

Apply for a grant

Application Submission

You validate if your application fits our guidelines and then apply by filling out the application form. Make sure to provide as much information as possible.

Collective Invitation

If your application aligns with our funding guidelines, you will receive an invitation to your personal IOTA Builder’s channel on Discord.

Evaluation & Interview

In our Interview we will address any remaining questions. Afterwards your application will be thoroughly assessed by our committee members.

Funding Decision

Once the committee reaches a decision, it will be communicated to you through your personal channel.


Our Funding Guidelines

Aligning Grants with our Grant Program Objectives for Purposeful Allocation.

Relevance & Impact

Your proposed project must directly contribute to the advancement of the IOTA or Shimmer network and its ecosystem. It has to solve a problem or fulfill a need and showcase the potential to create a meaningful impact.

Capability & Fair Market Value

You must have the capability to deliver the project successfully, and the requested budget should align with industry standards for comparable tasks.

Risk Assessment

Your proposed project must have low risks associated with it, including factors such as the potential for poor outcomes, legal complications, and negative public perception.

No Duplication of Funding

Your proposed project must not have received funding for the exact same work from another source.

Conflict of Interest & Anti-Bribery

Conflicts of Interest in your proposed project must be disclosed. Any bribery attempts or offering of compensation/gifts will lead to immediate cancellation of the proposal or already on-going funding.

Evaluation of Applications

The cumulative score of your application depends on the votes cast by committee members. Take a glance at a sample vote for reference.
Evaluation of Applications
Expertise of Grantee

How qualified and trustworthy is the grantee?



Will the IOTA Ecosystem benefit from this project?


Long-Term Viability

Does the project have plans beyond the grant period?


Funding Guidelines Fit

Does the project fullfill the funding guidelines?



Does the project have low risks of poor results, legal concerns, bad PR and other pitfalls?



How likely will this project scale?



Tiered Based Assessment Framework

Applications undergo assessment based on a tiered framework.

The funding amount requested in the application determines the criteria for a successful application.

Apply for a Grant
Tiered Based Assessment Framework
Tier 1
Up to $ 10,000
KYC not Required


Average Score


Committee Members
Tier 2
Up to $ 50,000
KYC Required


Average Score


Committee Members
Tier 3
$ 50,000 and beyond
KYC Required


Average Score


Committee Members

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